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Sindoor Series

Sindoor is a pigment made from powdered red lead & is applied as a red dot on the forehead or in the parting of the hair of Hindu women. The Mercury in it signifies strength, blood, fire & fertility.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is a diverse and non-representational artistic style that prioritizes shapes, colors, and forms over any direct visual depiction of the real world.
It encourages individual interpretation and emotional connection, often characterized by spontaneity, experimentation, and a departure from traditional representational art.


Mandala art NFTs are digital representations of intricate, symmetrical mandala designs, often created by artists and sold as unique, blockchain-based digital collectibles.

Botanical Patterns

Botanical patterns in NFT artworks feature intricate, nature-inspired designs often depicting flowers, leaves, and plants. These digital collectibles draw on the beauty of the natural world, serving as decorative and aesthetically pleasing assets in the NFT space, often reflecting a deep appreciation for the environment and biodiversity.

Mental Health

Mental health artworks in NFTs are digital expressions that focus on emotional well-being and the challenges of mental health. They contribute to awareness, destigmatization, and support for mental health causes through digital collectibles.